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Shamanic Shala



If you’d like to dive a little deeper, come wander down to Emma’s Yurt surrounded by trees and nature.  Shamanic therapies are powerful and healing, and really help you to get to grips with yourself in a grounded, safe and supportive atmosphere.


All sessions are 90 minutes, cost £65 and are with Emma. Please book in at



If you have a problem, but are not sure what therapy might be best, why not book in for a thorough consultation?
I have an extensive experience of many different practices and techniques and we may find that a few different techniques may be beneficial. For instance if you have backache and some breathing issues, we can work with simple stretching
and breathing techniques, but we may also like to use some shamanic techniques, divination or crystals.

I prefer to work intuitively once I have gathered information from the consultation and if I feel another practitioner or
therapy would be more beneficial, we usually have someone on the team who can help and I can refer you to.




Sound Healing

Not chimes and singing bowls, but vocal sounds that have a deep and resonant healing vibration. Very relaxing too!



Do you always fall into the same traps? Or repeat the same patterns? Regression is an opportunity to be guided into the past to discover where the roots lie to a particular issue that you may be experiencing. The session includes prior consultation, led relaxation, interaction and sound healing in a safe and supportive environment.


Soul Retrieval

Throughout life we gather experiences, both ‘good’ and ‘bad’, and sometimes they leave a strong imprint upon us which is very difficult to shake off- as a result, and often as a protective device, a part of our soul seeks refuge somewhere else- perhaps deep in our subconscious or in a different realm. Soul Retrieval is the process of recognising where we are not whole; or missing something, some part of ourself, and journeying to find it and bring it home.


Cord Cutting

We all know what it feels like to have unfinished business with someone who was a close friend or partner - or even some sort of addiction or behaviour that still has power over you. This technique is a creative and satisfying method to help you recognise and identify the energetic cords and strands that bind you to another. By cutting the cords, and having a strong intention, you are able to reclaim your lost energy and move on.


All sessions includes prior consultation, led relaxation, interaction and sound healing in a safe and supportive environment



Crystal Healing

Crystal healing with Emma  1hr £40

Crystals hold specific structures and are formed in varying ways that inform their healing characteristics. They aren’t just pretty to look at but have a very subtle yet tangible energetic healing presence that can be profoundly healing. A deeply relaxing session.


Any questions please get in touch prior to booking.

All treatments are performed fully clothed.


Important: These are not a substitute for conventional therapy such as counselling, but offered as complimentary.

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