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Emma Owen-Smith

Green Door Visionista

Since I was a kid I wanted to know where the teleportation switch was, and I’ve been looking for it ever since! This search has taken me to yoga, meditation, breathwork, crystals, therapies, shamanism, academia, truth-seeking…you name it. My professional life has reflected this - I trained as a shape-shifter twice, once in the conventional world as an actor, and then again in Shamanic studies. I became a yoga teacher in London, I found a Guru and worked for his organisation for 12 years, I traveled extensively, lived in a shed and then after the premature loss of my Mother, and a ruthless shunt into the adult world- had a couple of kids and founded Green Door with Marianne.   My drive calmed, and as the veil thinned I realised my heart belongs to creating a centre for community and evolving consciousness; and that there are many perspectives and the only real truth lies deep inside each and every one of us. I feel that when we belong somewhere, when we feel meaning in our actions, when we can laugh and be light -then our hearts can flower and open and we can truly be who we were intended to be, with our own individual talents. We need to understand ourselves and how we have been programmed and manipulated for thousands of years- then we can teach and inspire our wonderful new powerful kids to make change, bring Earth healing and uplift humanity by shining their beautiful lights and singing their soul songs. And if we do it right- they’ll be the ones to find the teleportation switch. My qualifications: • Yoga Instructor (BWY Dip) • Indian Religions MA • Crystal Healing Diploma (In Balance Academy) • Shamanic Therapist (TCOTS Shamanic Healing) • Reiki 1-3.


Marianne de Vries

Green Door Visionista

From as early as I can remember and yes it sounds rather corny but I just wanted to help people. I spent plenty a play time empathising, sorting and bringing harmony wherever I could, and to anyone I could. The colourful teenage years came, I went to art college, then found myself in London working in the creative magazine industry and in particular, a health and wellbeing magazine. I discovered Yoga, was drawn to all things alternative, and my yearning to be with people and help others grew. My Saturn return at 28, and back to West Sussex I went! I I commuted for a few years as a prop and food stylist, did a stint at my sister’s boutique but my heart was searching for more. Cue Emma’s life changing Saturday yoga class at the Hamblin Centre! Wow, what a class - I was bowled over by her heartfelt authenticity, knowledge, creative and unique way of teaching and fell in love with this special wooden hall with it’s healing energy and magical garden. Both with bumps (pregnant not cake!) there was an instant bond, an inner knowing that we were destined to do something together. Our boys were born within 3 months of each other and it was then (after we finally got them to sleep!) we felt drawn to start meditating together. In our silent meditations our visions came and energies fused to birth Green Door. 10 years on - what a ride and our Green Door baby and 4 boys sure have grown! We’ve visioned, created, encouraged, inspired - workshops, classes, retreats and happy happenings a plenty! We’ve watched the seasons go by and honoured Earth’s cycles - we’ve danced, laughed, made mistakes, cried, we’ve sat for hours at the ancient yews (the Green Door office) and always gone back to the stirrings of our hearts. Then BOOM we’ve only gone and manifested the land - yep we’ve done it! A place to co-create with others - our vision of a heart-centred conscious community is well and truly here!

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